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There are 9 books in this catalogue.
Aristotle's Politics and Athenian Constitution
Aristotle; Edited and Translated by John Warrington
Book Number: 65851
ISBN: 0460006053
Dent / Everyman 1976. 8vo. hardcover. 319pp. index. Very good+, light foxing to endpapers. / Very Good foxed d/w.
Price: $15.00

Arguments for Socailism
Benn, Tony
Book Number: 65570
ISBN: 0140054898
Penguin 1982 8vo. softcover. 206pp. index, Good, pages toned, rear corner creased.
Price: $8.00

Teaching Defiance : Stories and Strategies for Activist Educators
Newman, Michael
Book Number: 65505
ISBN: 9780787985561
Jossey-Bass, 2006. 8vo. hardcover. 305pp. index. Very good, some foxing on edges. / Very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

The Future of Power
Nye, Joseph
Book Number: 63563
ISBN: 9781610390699
Public Affairs, New York 2011. 8vo. softcover. 298pp. index. Very good.
Price: $12.00

The Kennett Revolution - Victorian Politics in the 1990's
Brian Costar and Nicholas Economou
Book Number: 62694
ISBN: 0868405450
UNSW 1999 8vo. Paperback. 274pp. Index. Very good, page edges lightly toned. The Kennett Revolution provides the first comprehensive overview of a controversial period of political and social change which has captured national attention. Written by twenty expert contributors, it analyses the record of the Kennett government and provides a guide to the impact of policies in such key areas as the economy, health care, the environment, law and order, industrial relations and education and the impact of down-sizing,deregulation and privatisation, Selling off of Major public assets, spending priorities cut or re-ordered.
Price: $20.00

Sebastian, Tim
Book Number: 22011
The Hogarth Press London 1985 Advance Proof - corrected. 8v0. wraps, 227pp. 1st thus. Sebastian 'was one of only a handful of Western correspondents to live in Poland from the time of the Pope's first visit through to the imposition of martial law.' (dw) eyewitness account
Price: $15.00

Star Trek and History: Race-Ing Toward a White Future
Bernardi, Daniel
Book Number: 44658
ISBN: 0813524660
Rutgers University Press 1998 8vo softcover 247pp near fine. "Star Trek" is an enduring icon in American popular culture. For many viewers, the science fiction series represents the bold exploration of the unknown and the humanistic respect of the foreign and the alien. In fact, it is "Star Trek"'s vision of a utopian future where humans no longer engage in racism, sexism, capitalism, among other "-isms" that many fans claim is the main reason for their loyalty. But is the visionary "Trek" future world truly colourblind? "Star Trek and History" traces the shifting and reforming meaning of race articulated throughout the "Star Trek" television series, feature films, and fan community. Daniel Bernardi investigates and politicizes the presentation of race in "Star Trek" in the original series of the 1960s, the feature films and television spin-offs of the 1980s and 1990s, and the current fan community on the Internet. Through both critical and historical analysis, the book proposes a method of studying the framing of race in popular film and television that integrates sociology, critical theory and cultural studies. Bernardi examines the representational and narrative functions of race in "Star Trek" and explores how the meaning of "race" in the science fiction series has been facilitated or constrained by creative and network decision-making, by genre, by intertextuality, and by fans. He interprets how the changing social and political movements of the times have influenced the production and meaning of "Trek" texts and the ways in which the ongoing series negotiated and reflected these turbulent histories.
Price: $12.00

Capitol Offences
Allan Fotheringham, Illustrated by Roy Peterson
Book Number: 32533
ISBN: 1550130048
Toronto: Key Porter Books Ltd. 1986. 8vo. Very good in same d/w. PO name on ffl. Dr. Foth meets Uncle Sam. A witty and devastating dissection of Canadians and Americans and the worlds greatest love hat e relationship. 250pp great cartoon inside title page.
Price: $12.00

The Third Try: Can the UN Work?
Broinowski, Alison
Book Number: 40125
ISBN: 1920769617
Scribe Publications 2005 8vo softcover 308pp index. very good. Arguing for the viability of the United Nations, this study calls for renewed commitment to the idealistic goals upon which it was founded and condemns the world's most powerful countries for withholding needed resources. A summary of the UN's strengths provides details on more than 60 years of successful peacekeeping missions, world health initiatives, and aid to refugees. The ways the UN has fallen short-including failed efforts to protect human rights, reduce poverty, safeguard the environment, and prevent war-are also discussed, and ways to restructure are suggested.
Price: $12.00