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The Arctic Whalers
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59228
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1968 large 8vo. hardcover. 483pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. Near Fine. / Very good, clipped d/w.
Price: $55.00

The Western Ocean Packets
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59229
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1956 large 8vo. hardcover. 146pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. Near Fine. / Very good, clipped d/w with tears and tape mark at bottom of spine(repaired).
Price: $55.00

The Blackwall Frigates
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59230
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1973 large 8vo. hardcover. 280pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. Near Fine. / Very good+ clipped d/w.
Price: $55.00

The Coolie Ships and Oil Sailers
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59231
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1975 large 8vo. hardcover. 180pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. Very good. / Very good clipped d/w.
Price: $55.00

The Opium Clippers
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59232
ISBN: 0851742416
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1976 large 8vo. hardcover. 392pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. fold-out maps. Very good+. / Very good+ clipped d/w.
Price: $55.00

The Nitrate Clippers
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59233
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1976 large 8vo. hardcover. 392pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. fold-out maps. Very good+. / Very good+ clipped d/w with tiny tear at top of spine(repaired).
Price: $55.00

The Down Easters. The Story of the Cape Horners. American deep-water sailing ships 1869-1929.
Lubbock, Basil
Book Number: 59234
Brown, Son & Ferguson 1971 large 8vo. hardcover. 288pp. index. Blue boards with gilt title to front and spine. b/w illus. fold-out plans. Very good+. / Very good+ clipped d/w.
Price: $55.00

Ragamuffin Man : The World of Syd Fischer
Salter, David
Book Number: 64478
ISBN: 9781760640286
Nero, Australia 2017. 8vo. softcover. 344pp. index, colour illus. Near Fine, large owner's inscription on fep.
Price: $12.00

Cruising Rigs and Rigging
Norgrove, Ross
Book Number: 62848
ISBN: 0229117015
Granada UK, 1983 Large 8vo. hardcover. 322pp. index, b/w illus. Near Fine. / Very good d/w.
Price: $25.00

MAHAN, Alfred Thayer.
Book Number: 2324
Sydney. 1980. Books for Pleasure. 1st Australian edition. with b/w & colour illust. Hard cover, dj. Very good. 31 x 23.5. Fully illustrated version of Mahan's classic work where he postulated that the international power of a nation rested upon command of the sea lanes. Updated from 1783 to 1805.
Price: $20.00

World of Sail: v. 1
Morgan, Adrian (Editor)
Book Number: 47194
ISBN: 1898524254
Boat International Publications 1994 4to hardcover in d/w. 232pp near fine. Index. Advertisers index. Illustrated throughout with glossy colour photos. The World of Sail magazine pays tribute to a selection of fine yachts constructed by the world's leading yards. Includes Westerly Regatta 370, Freedom 40/40, J/40, Hunter Legend 40.5, Venezia 42, Jeanneau Sun Odyssy 42.1, Dehler 43, Njad 44, X-442, Alden 43/45, Oyster 461, Concordia 46, Gib'sea Master 48, Rival Bowman 48, Alpha 50, Hinckley Rassy 53, Wauquiez 54, Van Dam Nordia 54, Baltic 58, Contest 58, Beneteau 62, Little Harbor 68, Swan 77, Jongert 2900, Scorpio 100,
Price: $25.00

The Turn Of The Road
Book Number: 44782
Chatto and Windus 1946 8vo. Blue cloth hard cover in D/W. Minor foxing to title pages and minor foxing to end pages. 122pp. 5 diagrams. 3 fold out maps. In this book Bartimeus presents a first-hand record of one of the most crucial half-years in the war - November 8th, 1942, when the first allied landing was made in North Africa, to May 9th, 1943, when it had become evident that, in spite of intitial misfortunes, the immensely difficult and ambitious project had been successful. The most important of the eleven sections deals with naval matters paying particular attention to the parts played by the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy, supplemented by some extremely interesting statistics. Bartimeus also describes a number of specific naval actions and exploits of individual vessals. His account includes quotations from records and signal logs which, with their staccato humour and supreme understatement, relieve the tension of the story and reveal some remarkable personalities. The naval aspect of the campaign is seen in relation to the military strategy and to the political background, with particular reference to the French, whose attitude is clearly analysed.
Price: $15.00

Techniques of Small Boat Racing
Walker and
Book Number: 3193
Hodder and Stoughton 1968 4th impression Good copy in same d/w - clipped. drawings and diagrams, bibliography, 288pp
Price: $15.00

Groser John
Book Number: 6245
Ward Lock & cO lTd. 1968. 1st. Edition with a foreword by "Blondie" Hasler. A book about the single handed Trans Atlantic Race, particularly in 1968. Illustrated with b/w photos, maps, charts , plans and diagrams. Pp 160. Index and appendices. 8vo with dw. GOOD / GOOD
Price: $15.00

Marine Electronic Navigation
Appleyard, S.F.
Book Number: 6994
Routledge & Kegan Paul 1980. VeryGood. Crisp,clean and tight. Illustrated by maps and charts. 1st Ed 1st Pr. Binding is blue cloth in unclippped d/w.
Price: $20.00

Book Number: 20354
London. 1974. Mills & Boon. 1st Ed. Illustrated pictorial boards, 192pp. with b/w photos and illustrations by Alec Davis. very good copy. 8vo. Columbus, Magellan and Drake. How it all started, the northern sailors, the great canoe navigators of the pacific, the compass and the chart, Indies east and west, Time is longitude, electrical aids to navigation, navigating an aeroplane, pilotage, fixing a ships position, lighthouses, buoys, tides, errors, animals and birds navigation, Making a quadrant, astrolabe sextant, northern sky, latitude and longitude, bibliography, index.
Price: $15.00

Excavation of the Barque Day Dawn
McCarthy, Mike
Book Number: 23902
Western Australian Museum 1980. 1980, pb, Bw ill, Excellent. The excavation and identification of the Wreck of an Ex-American Whaler in the Cockburn Sound by the Maritime Archaeological Association of Western Australia 1976-1977. pp58 .
Price: $12.00

CHICHESTER, Francis, Sir
Book Number: 40768
Hodder & Stoughton, London 1967 with 7 maps and 5 line drawings, plus 40 pages with 14 colour and 39 b/w photos. Very good, owner's inscription on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $20.00

LUCAS, Alan.
Book Number: 41368
Hong Kong: Horwitz, 1976 272pp, well illus with sketch maps and photographs. fading on spine of d/w. Very good. guide to ports, anchorages, rivers and lakes for cruisers, yachts and trailer craft.,
Price: $15.00

Marine Inboard Engines - Petrol and Diesel - Motorboats Monthly
Goring, Loris
Book Number: 42931
ISBN: 0229118429
Adlard Coles 1990 sm. 4to. Laminated softcover. 190pp. Index. If you quake at the thought of looking under your engine hatch, this book is the answer to your problems. Marine Inboard Engines should enable every owner to spot problems, know when they can be remedied easily, and be able to maintain a petrol or diesel engine to maximise its life and avoid breakdown at sea.
Price: $22.00

Steamboats Come True: American Inventors in Action
Flexner, Jamexs Thomas
Book Number: 45707
Little, Brown & Co 1978 8vo. hardcover. 406pp. indexb/w illus. very good, a few small specs on bottom cover edge. / Very good d/w.
Price: $25.00

Blue Gum Clippers and Whale Ships of Tasmania
Lawson, Will and The Shiplovers Society of Tasmania
Book Number: 45738
1986 Facsimile 8vo. Softcover. 261pp. Very good, cover edges lightly sunned. Printed in Sepia. Contents includes 30 Illustrations. Hobart town in 1830, The First Ships of Hobart Town, Bay Whalers of Hobart Town, Whale Ships and Whaling, Traders of Tasmania, Intercolonial and Coastal, Tasmania's Shipbuilders and Their Ships, London Traders, Tasmanian and British, Strange Stories of Ships and Men, Harbour Craft, Coasters and Hulks, Wrecks on Tasmanian Coast and of Tasmanian Ships.
Price: $25.00

Book Number: 51114
ISBN: 0007254059
HARPERPRESS 2009 8vo hardcover in d/w. 496pp near fine. Index. Illustrtions. Through the lives of three outstanding naval officers -- each considered the most brilliant commander of his generation -- David Crane offers a unique portrait of the Royal Navy at a time when it held unchallenged dominion over the world's oceans. Although all three died young, their careers covered virtually every war of significance in which the navy was involved during the nineteenth century. They fought against French and Americans, Russians, Turks, Egyptians, Indians and Chinese, in fleet engagements and naval bombardments, on the walls of Canton and the banks of the Mississippi, against Malay pirates and sepoy mutineers. As an eleven-year-old volunteer, Frank Hastings saw action at Trafalgar, and he went on to be revered as a hero of the Greek War of Independence. Yet, as the architect and captain of the first successful steam warship and the champion of gunnery and total war, he unwittingly prepared the way for much that would be bloodiest in the century ahead. Nobody who saw him in the trenches of the Crimea would ever forget William Peel's air of inviolable self-mastery under fire, and it was the same in India, where he could ride through a landscape of decomposing corpses as if it were some mythological world conjured up to try his knightly resolve. What was it that enabled a man of his intelligence, temperament, piety and background -- the son of the Prime Minister Robert Peel -- to fight with such brilliance in defence of an Ottoman Empire that was repugnant to every tenet he held most strongly? If James Goodenough chased Glory as assiduously as Hastings and Peel had done, it was the Glory of the next world, and not this. Throughout his career he strove to reconcile the demands of his faith and his profession, but when he finally met his martyrdom at the hands of the 'savages' of the Pacific islands, a shocked nation was left to face up to the inconsistencies, hypocrisies and self-deceptions on which floated its vision of divine election. Combining thrilling scenes of battle with acute psychological insight, Men of War provides a remarkable picture of the nature of courage, command and warfare.
Price: $30.00

South Coast Steamers
Andrews, Graeme
Book Number: 52050
Self Published 8vo. Softcover. 32pp. Marine History Publications for Graeme K.Andrews Productions, Epping N.S.W. Contents includes Development of a way of life, Extension - Contraction, Life aboard the small steamers, River and small craft, The Pig and Whistle Fleet. Appendix - Data of major steamers of the NSW South Coast
Price: $15.00

Navigation for Yachtsmen
Blewitt, Mary
Book Number: 52610
ISBN: 0540072834
Adlard Coles Nautical January 26, 1984. 5th edition. 8vo hardcover 112pp near fine. Index. Illustrated with diagrams. Navigation for Yachtsmen aims to study and explain the difficulties that arise when sailing between points and to consider methods of overcoming them. It deals with technical problems of the compass and the human problem of the helmsman. Includes an introduction of strategy for Ocean-racing techniques and a concise list is also provided of the charts books and instruments necessary for a voyage and an appendix will bring joy to many who have, up to now viewed the vagaries of the compass through a fox on incomprehension.
Price: $10.00

Sails Full and By
Degnon, Dom
Book Number: 53299
ISBN: 0924486759
Sheridan House January 25, 1995 8vo hardcover in d/w. 272pp very good. Yacht broker and freelance writer Degnon's breezy account of his extended voyage provides entertaining adventure and a refresher course in geography. One unidentified year, with Celia Lowe as crew mate, he set out from New England in Taku, a 41-foot ketch; first stop, the Caribbean, where they picked up additional crew before sailing throught he Panama Canal and on to Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji. In everyport they met other "yachties"-long-distance, blue-water cruising has its own culture. They spent six months in New Zealand, fitting Taku and sightseeing. Next, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guines and Australia where they has a rough time finding theor way through the Great Barrier Reef in a storm. Then they headed home via Indonesia (Bali), the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.
Price: $18.00

The Yachtsman's Vade Mecum
Heaton, Peter
Book Number: 56915
London: Adam & Charles Black, 1961 8vo. hardcover. 308pp. Navy with gilt lettering/spine. Very good+. / Very good d/w chipped at top of spine. Heaton's 1st book. Tipped in erratium notice on page 211., Photos, Diag's & Charts etc.
Price: $18.00

Wight Hazards
Bruce, Peter
Book Number: 57845
ISBN: 1871680018
self published 1998 8vo. Softcover. very good. Peter Bruce's companion edition to Solent Hazards covering the south sides of the Isle of Wight. The detailed information given, such as transits to clear rock ledges and colour aerial photographs, allows racing vessels to be navigated in confidence close to the shore. It also gives details of anchorages and landing places that are likely to be of great value to cruising sailors due to scarcity of other information.
Price: $15.00

Hunting Pirate Heaven - In Search of Lost Pirate Utopias of the Indian Ocean
Rushby, Kevin
Book Number: 58031
ISBN: 1841194883
Constable Robinson 2002 8vo. Softcover. 294pp. Very good.
Price: $11.00

Open Boat Cruising
Glasspool, John - Illustrated by A. G. Milne
Book Number: 60241
ISBN: 0245518746
Nautical Publishing 1973 8vo. Hardcover. 112pp. No d/w, otherwise very good. Illustrated. Contents includes Why Dinghies?, First Ventures, Types, Boat Sense, Sails and Rig, Cruising Grounds, Dinghy Camping, Clothes for Cruising, Some Racing, Companions, Pathfinders, Lay-up and Plan Again. Index.
Price: $18.00

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