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Making Priscilla
Clark, Al
Book Number: 65853
ISBN: 0140246525
Penguin Australia, 1994. 8vo. softcover. 178pp. b/w illus. Very good, page edges lightly toned.
Price: $12.00

The Devil's Playground
Tsiolkas, Christos
Book Number: 65847
ISBN: 0868196711
Currency Press, Strawberry Hills NSW, 2002. 8vo. softcover. 81pp. b/w illus. Very good. An intimate portrait of Tom, a thirteen-year-old struggling in spirit and body with the constraints of living in a Catholic seminary. It is also the story of the Brothers and how they cope with the demands of thier faith. A 1976 semi-autobiographical film by Australian director Fred Schepisi. Christos Tsiolkas invites you into his twenty year journey of viewing, re-viewing and re-imagining the film.
Price: $10.00

The Lavender Bus - "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" How a hit movie was made and sold
Clark, Al
Book Number: 65823
ISBN: 0868195758
Currency Press, Strawberry Hills NSW, 1999. 8vo. softcover. 178pp. b/w illus. Very good, rear top cover corner creased.
Price: $12.00

The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock. A Memoir Featuring the Screenplay of "Alfred Hitchcock's The Short Night"
Freeman, David
Book Number: 65572
ISBN: 0907516955
Pavilion, London 1985. 8vo. hardcover. 281pp. b/w illus. Very good, light foxing to endpapers & outer page edges, snall crease to top corner of a few pages. / Very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Leni: The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl
Bach, Steven
Book Number: 65500
ISBN: 9780375404009
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2007. 8vo. hardcover. 386pp. index, b/w illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Price: $22.00

Edge of the Known World. The Australian Film, Television and Radio School.Impressions of the First 25 Years.
Urban, Andrew L. (interviews by).
Book Number: 20808
Australian Film Television and Radio School. Sydney. 1998 Large 4to. laminated boards hardcover. 308pp. index. b/w illus. near fine.
Price: $16.00

The Digital Video Manual : A Practical Introduction to Making Professional-Looking Home Movies
MacRae, Kyle
Book Number: 42121
ISBN: 1844251268
Haynes 2004 4to. laminated boards, hardcover. 168pp. index, colour illus. Fine.
Price: $25.00

DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video
Lancaster, Kurt
Book Number: 58584
ISBN: 9780240815510
Focal Press, UK 2011 Large 8vo. softcover. 286pp. index, colour illus. Very good.
Price: $15.00

Practical DV Filmmaking
Evans, Russell
Book Number: 58585
ISBN: 9780240807386
Focal Press, UK 2007 Large 8vo. softcover. 408pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Price: $15.00

Sound for Film and Television
Holman, Tomlinson
Book Number: 58625
ISBN: 9780240813301
Focal Press, UK 2010 4to. softcover. 248pp. b/w illus. Very good+. Includes DVD.
Price: $30.00

Australian Film Posters: 1906-1960
Adamson, Judith
Book Number: 63931
ISBN: 090802388X
Currency Press, Woollahra 1978. Large 4to. softcoer. 56pp. colour illus. Very good, small crease to front cover corner. Contains full page posters for 24 films with descriptions on opposing pages.
Price: $20.00

Filming the Impossible
Dickinson, Leo
Book Number: 23842
London: Jonathan Cape, 1982 8vo. hardcover. 256pp. colour photos. very good+. / very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

No picnic : an autobiography
Lovell, Patricia
Book Number: 56218
ISBN: 073290823X
1995 Sydney Macmillan 8vo. hardcover. 321pp. b/w plates. very good, / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

"Cinema Paradiso" film script
Tornatore, Giuseppe
Book Number: 42867
ISBN: 0571175163
Faber and Faber June 21, 1995 8vo softcover 95pp very good. Screenplay. English. Cinema Pardiso is one of the most honoured films in recent times. Winner of an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, A Golden Globe as well as a host of major European awards. It was voted Best Film of the Decade by the Guardian. The film tells the story of a young boy who is taken in hand by his surrogate father, the projectionist of the local cinema, and initiated into the magic relm of movies. The film is a hymn to movie romance, all the more so since in the real world love is fleeting, full of pain and regret. It is a bittersweet lament for the love that eludes us in real life, but is there to confort us in the dark embrace of the cinema.
Price: $12.00

Starsky and Hutch Annual 1978

Book Number: 39011
BBC TV 4to. Pictorial laminated boards. 61pp. Illustrated end pages. Illustrated throughout in colour with photo's and drawings. Crossword has not been filled in.
Price: $15.00

Hollywood Tricks of the Trade
Ware, Derek
Book Number: 32126
ISBN: 185171040X
Admiral Bks. 1986 4to hardcover 168pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

The Bill : the inside story of the successful police series seen on ABC TV / Tony Lynch.
Lynch, Tony.
Book Number: 36910
ISBN: 0733301967
Crows Nest, ABC 1992 4to softcover 128pp colour & b/w illus. very good.
Price: $12.00

The Bill
Tibballs, Geoff
Book Number: 36907
ABC Books 2003 4to hardcover 160pp index, colour illus. very good+ / very good with small tear bottom of spine d/w.
Price: $12.00

The Bill. The Inside Story
Silver, Rachel
Book Number: 36913
ISBN: 0002571374
HarperCollins Entertainment 1999 4to softcover 128pp colour illus. very good. Since its creation in 1983, "The Bill" has consistently pulled in some of TV's biggest audiences - around eight million viewers per episode. It is the most successful police drama series on British TV ever. "The Bill: The Inside Story" is an illustrated colour companion. "The Bill" has provided some of the most hard-hitting drama on television over the last 16 years, holding the attention of the nation episode after episode.
Price: $12.00

The Bill - The First 10 Years - Signed x2
Kingsley, Hillary
Book Number: 50858
ISBN: 1852839570
ABC Books 1994 4to. Softcover. 128pp. Signed on half-title with dedication by Colin Tarrant (Insp. Monroe) and Simon Rowse (DCI Jack Meadows). Illustrated with colour and b&w photo's. Contents includes Ten Tough Years, Sun Up on Sun Hillo, The Making of an Episode, Identity Parade, All Right on the Night, Teach Yourself Billspeak, Closed Files, Past Stars, Case Book - episode guide.
Price: $15.00

Doctor Who: The Legend. 4 Decades of Time Travel
Richards, Justin
Book Number: 60336
ISBN: 0563486309
ABC Books 2003 4to. softcover. 397pp. index, colour & b/w illus. Very good, some light creases on cover.
Price: $35.00

The New York Times Film Reviews 1973-1974
Book Number: 61808
ISBN: 0405066783
New York Times 1975. 4to. hardcover. pp.318,52,5. Very good. owner's stamp on bottom edge.
Price: $15.00

The New York Times Film Reviews 1969-1970
Book Number: 61809
New York Times 1971. 4to. hardcover. pp.333. Very good. owner's stamp on bottom edge.
Price: $15.00

The New York Times Film Reviews 1975-1976
Book Number: 61810
ISBN: 0405106572
New York Times 1977. 4to. hardcover. pp.304,50,5. Very good. owner's stamp on bottom edge.
Price: $15.00

The Technique of Film Animation.
Halas, John & Manville, Roger
Book Number: 21635
New York and London: Focal. 1971 8vo. hardcover. 360pp. index. b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

Film scheduling, or, How long will it take to shoot your movie?
Singleton, Ralph S
Book Number: 58624
ISBN: 0943728398
Lone Eagle Publishing, New York 1991. 2nd edition. 8vo. softcover. 244pp. index. Very good.
Price: $15.00

The Essential Digital Video Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Videos That Make Money
May, Pete
Book Number: 58626
ISBN: 1592530249
RotoVision, USA 2004. Square 4to. softcover. index, colour illus. Very good.
Price: $12.00

Ifp/West Independent Filmmaker's Manual
Laloggia, Nicole Shay;Wurmfeld, Eden H.
Book Number: 61306
ISBN: 0240803892
Focal Press, 199. 4to. softcover. 289pp. index. Good, corners bumped. Missing CD.
Price: $15.00

Continued Next Week: A History of the Moving Picture Serial
Lahue, Kalton C.
Book Number: 25284
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1964 second printing Hard Cover. Excellent copy in lightly rubbed price clipped d/w. 293 pp., B&w photograph Illustrations, Appendix: Serials from 1912 to 1930, Index of names, Index of Titles, General Index. Includes Pearl White, Arline Pretty, William Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick, Neva Gerber, Jack Perrin, Ruth Royce, Jack Mower, Eddie Polo, Marie Walcamp.
Price: $15.00

Jump Cut: Hollywood, Politics and Counter Cinema
Steven, Peter (editor)
Book Number: 40103
ISBN: 0919946550
Between the Lines 1985 8vo softcover 400pp index, b/w illus. very good. In the world of film, Hollywood has always been the center of power; it has supplied the dominant voice. Hollywood stars and movies with their sophisticated blend of entertainment, art, and ideology have captivated audiences everywhere. But there is another world of film, perhaps lesser known: the counter-cinema. This kind of film provides a dynamic, growing opposition -- a subservice counterpoint -- to Hollywood. It includes the work of radical Third World filmmakers, the women's movement, gays and lesbians, and the independent left. It is a practice that identifies with political movements in society and has developed a conscious critique of the dominant cinema. The essays in this collection bring together an integrated analysis of Hollywood and the counter-cinema, and call for a political criticism of the cinema.
Price: $10.00

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