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Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran - 10 books in one.
Gibran, Kahlil
Book Number: 66179
ISBN: 089009389X
Castle Books October 6, 2009 8vo hardcover 902pp. Good, foxing, mainly to endpapers & outer page edges, spine creased. / Fair, creased & faded d/w. This represents the most comprehensive volume of works the Lebanese poet and philosopher ever published. His enriching stories, poems, verse and parables are collected into a beautifully bound collector''s edition. Contents includes 10 Volumes, Tears and Laughter, Between Night & Morn, Secrets of the Heart, Spirits Rebellious, The Broken Wings, The Voice of the Master, Thoughts and Meditations, A Self-Portrait, Mirrors of the Soul, The Wisdom of Kahlil Gibran.
Price: $15.00

Kahlil Gibran's Little Book of Life
Douglas-Klotz. [Kahil Gibran]
Book Number: 66160
ISBN: 9781571748300
Hampton Roads Publishing 2018. SMall 8vo. softcover. 198pp. Very good.
Price: $6.00

Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon
Peschek-Bohmer, Flora & Schreiber, Gisela
Book Number: 65541
ISBN: 1568524420
Konecky & Konecky, USA, 2003. large 8vo. laminated boards, hardcover. 304pp. index, colour illus. Fine.
Price: $30.00

The Illustrated Guide to Crystals
Hall, Judy
Book Number: 65548
ISBN: 0806936274
Sterling, New York 2000. 4to. softcover. 128pp. index, colour illus. Very good, tiny crease to bottom cover corners.
Price: $12.00

World Peace Diet - Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony
Tuttle, Will
Book Number: 55835
ISBN: 1590560833
Lantern Books 2005 Trade paperback. Very good. 332pp. The World Peace Diet suggests how we as a species might move our consciousness forward so that we can be more free, more intelligent, more loving, and happier in the choices we make.
Price: $16.00

Nymphs of the Valley
Gibran, Kahlil
Book Number: 64698
ISBN: 0434290661
Heinemann 1972 8vo hardcover 55pp. b/w illus. very good, foxing to endpapers & edge of text block / good rubbed d/w., creased on top edge.
Price: $12.00

The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer
MacKenzie, Alexander
Book Number: 63596
Eneas Mackay, Stirling, 1935. 8vo. hardcover. 92pp. Very good, foxing to endpapers.
Price: $15.00

Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses
Lonegren, Sig
Book Number: 63419
ISBN: 0906362164
Gothic Image Pub., 1991. Square 8vo. softcover. 154pp. index, b/w illus.Near Fine. Signed by author.
Price: $18.00

The Art of War: A New Translation
Book Number: 63191
Amber Books Ltd, United Kingdom, 2016. Large 8vo hardcover, Traditional Chinese binding. 96pp. index. very good+. Text in Chinese & English.
Price: $18.00

Sun Tzu: War and Management. Application to Strategic Management and Thinking
Book Number: 62770
ISBN: 0201509652
Addison-Wesley 1997. Large 8vo softcover 307pp. index. very good.
Price: $15.00

Beyond the Lodge of the Sun: Inner Mysteries of the Native American Way
Chokecherry Gall Eagle
Book Number: 62746
ISBN: 1862040605
Element Books 1997. 8vo. softcover. 163pp. Near Fine.
Price: $12.00

The Power to Heal: A Clear, Concise and Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing
Pellegrino-Estrich, Robert
Book Number: 62689
ISBN: 1401062806
: Xlibris Corporation. 2002. 8vo. softcover. 262pp. b/w illus. Near Fine. Inscription on fep.
Price: $20.00

Contemporary Magic and Witchcraft
Greenwood, Susan
Book Number: 46101
ISBN: 1842157965
Southwater June 25, 2003 4to softcover 96pp near fine. Index. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs. A Comprehensive examination of modern Western Magic. Charts the development of modern magic and witchcraft. Shows how ancient mythologies such as Atlantis, The Norse Legends, the Arthurian legacy and Egyptian cults inspired today's modern magical societies. Examines the influence of prominent magicians, including Crowley, Fortune, Gardner, Valiente, Sanders and Buckland. Analyses the position magic holds within our modern society, and how it can help us to understand more about our cultural inheritance.
Price: $18.00

The History of Witchcraft
Summers, Montague
Book Number: 62587
ISBN: 1851701338
The Mystic Press 8vo. hardcover. 358pp. index. Very good, light foxing to endpapers & outer page edges. / Very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Queen of Dreams: the Story of a Yaqui Dreaming Woman
Valencia, Heather and Kent, Rolly
Book Number: 62588
ISBN: 0671694472
Simon & Schuster, New York, 1991. 8vo. hardcover. 271pp. Good+. spine slightly slanted. / Very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Sense of the Sacred, A: Finding Our Spiritual Lives Through Ceremony
Getty, Adele
Book Number: 62589
ISBN: 0878339469
Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, USA, 1997. 8vo. hardcover. 210pp. index. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $10.00

Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying
Longaker, Christine
Book Number: 62590
ISBN: 0712678808
Century Books, London, 1997. 8vo. softcover. 262pp. index. Very good. Guidebook for caregivers, friends and family of the dying.
Price: $8.00

Everyday Enlightenment: How to be a Spiritual Warrior at the Kitchen Sink
Chodron, Venerable Yeshe
Book Number: 62591
ISBN: 0732276071
HarperCollins, Australia, 2004. 8vo. softcover. 264pp. Good, cover creased. Inscribed by author on fep.
Price: $15.00

On the Mahabharata
Aurobindo, Sri
Book Number: 62594
ISBN: 8170582563
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publications Department. 1991 Small 8vo. softcover. 187pp. Very good.
Price: $25.00

As it Was!
Rampa, T. Lobsang
Book Number: 62596
ISBN: 0552100870
Corgi 1976 8vo. softcover. Good.
Price: $8.00

Living with Lama
Rampa, T. Lobsang
Book Number: 62597
ISBN: 0552084085
Corgi 1970 8vo. softcover. Good.
Price: $8.00

Doctor From Lhasa
Rampa, T. Lobsang
Book Number: 62598
ISBN: 0938294954
Inner Light Publications1990. 8vo. softcover. Very Good.
Price: $10.00

Castaneda's Journey: The Power and the Allegory.
De Mille, Richard (editor).
Book Number: 62599
ISBN: 0884960684
Capra Press, Santa Barbara 1977. 8vo. softcover. 205pp. index, good+ spine faded.
Price: $8.00

At One With All Life: A Personal Journey in Gaian Communities .
Boice, Judith L
Book Number: 62601
ISBN: 0905249747
Findhorn Press, Scotland, 1989. 8vo. softcover. 273pp. Very good+.
Price: $12.00

The Five Stages of the Soul : Charting the Spiritual Passages That Shape Our Lives
Moody, Harry R.; Carroll, David
Book Number: 62605
ISBN: 0712671722
Rider, Ebury Press, United Kingdom, 1998. 8vo. softcover. 374pp. index. Very good.
Price: $8.00

A Delusion of Satan: The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials
Hill, Frances
Book Number: 62611
ISBN: 0732270146
Penguin 1997 8vo. softcover. 346pp.Index, b/w illus. Very good.
Price: $9.00

The Blue World. The Hem of his Garment
Forster, Catherine
Book Number: 51551
Hamer, Melbourne 8vo. softcover, blue paper & cloth. 23pp. Very good, cover faded near spine.
Price: $15.00

How To Read Teal Leaves - A fascinating guide to the future
Wilson, Joyce
Book Number: 59594
Bantam 1969 12mo. softcover. 96pp. Very good.
Price: $16.00

The Symbolic Language of Geometrical Figures
Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael
Book Number: 62355
ISBN: 2855663660
Collection Izvor No. 218 8vo. softcover. 152pp. Very good. Bookseller stamp on fep. Illustrated with line drawn examples. Contents includes, Geomtrical Symbolism, The Circle, The Triangle, The Pentagram, The Pyramid, The Cross, the Quadrature of the Circle.
Price: $14.00

Imagination: The Illusions of Eugene Poinc
Poinc, Eugene
Book Number: 34822
ISBN: 0919230822
Micky Hades Publications, 1981. 4to softcover 101pp, b/w illus. very good.
Price: $28.00

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