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Running Amok - when News Deadlines, Family and Foreign
Bowling, Mark
Book Number: 38778
ISBN: 0733620426
Hodder 2006 Trade paperback. 308pp. index. Very good. It was supposed to be his dream job. Mark Bowling, a foreign correspondent with the respected Australian Broadcasting Corporation, was assigned to cover Indonesia. His arrival in Jakarta coincided with the downfall of President Suharto after more than three decades. So began a four-year roller-coaster ride for a journalist covering a nation's dangerous descent into turmoil.Mark's book is a uniquely personal exploration of the rich but frenetic life of a foreign correspondent. At times his days swung out of control as he juggled news story deadlines with commitments to his young family.He travelled across the islands of Indonesia documenting historic events familiar to many of us who live in this region - East Timor's bloody struggle for independence, separatist crises in Aceh and West Papua, and religious conflicts in Ambon. He searched for signs of humanity and dignity in a society rife with violence, poverty, prejudice and greed.Mark was not alone on this posting. His wife Kim and their two young children moved with him from Australia to Jakarta and had to settle into a very different life there.
Price: $8.00

Do Not Disturb - Is the Media Failing Australia?
Manne, Robert. Edited by
Book Number: 38775
ISBN: 0975076949
Black Inc, Agenda 2005 8vo. Paperback. 232pp. Very good. At a time when the Howard government has radically rarrowed the national vision, the mainstream media has failed to notice or to hold it to account. do Not Disturb offers diverse and enlightening explanations for this failure. The contributors to Do Not Disturb are all independent insiders. At a time when the media rules are about to change, allowing even greater concentration of power, this book initiates a necessary debate for our democracy.
Price: $8.00

Where Power Lies - Prime Ministers V The Media
Price, Lance
Book Number: 54980
ISBN: 9781847392855
Simon & Schuster, London, 2010 - Fully Updated 8vo. Softcover. 544pp. As new. Index. Illustrations. Where Power Lies reveals the never-ending batle between politicians and the media to influence how the rest of us think and vote.
Price: $8.00

Talk Back: Trash and Treasure on the Air. Wit Wisdom & Wireless
Marsden, Stephanie
Book Number: 46456
ISBN: 1875655913
R&R Publications 1999 Large 8vo softcover 176pp, b/w illus. very good.
Price: $10.00